Experience cancellation policy

Cancel within 24 hours of booking or 30 days or more before the experience start date and get a full refund.

Account Verification

Should any member of your party be unable to complete the account verification process within 3 days of purchase, all portions and spots for the experience or event will be canceled and fully refunded.

Bad Weather

Hosts make every effort to continue, as scheduled, with experiences or events.

  • Should bad weather conditions create an unsafe scenario for guests or hosts,
  • a change or partial cancellation of an itinerary or activity may be the result.
  • Should an individual experience or event be canceled by host or guest,
  • or should an itinerary substantially change or result in a cessation of the trip,

Gympp will work with your host to provide an appropriate refund.

To officially request a cancellation of your experience or event, please contact us on [email protected]