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Plans & Pricing

How much does it costs?
These rates are indicative and subject to change. Please reach out to the outlet directly to find out the latest rates.
400 for 1 Month(s)
It includes Gym, Cardio, Aerobics and Yoga for a period of one month.
1,800 for 6 Month(s)
It includes Gym, Cardio, Aerobics and Yoga for a period of six months.
1,000 for 3 Month(s)
It includes Gym, Cardio, Aerobics and Yoga for a period of three months.
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Membership Plans and Pricing for Lion Gym, Ghaziabad, Delhi-NCR

Search Plans, Pricing, Membership Fees, Ratings, Reviews, Verified Information, Contact details of Lion Gym, Ghaziabad on GYMPP. Lion Gym, Ghaziabad provides a wide range of plans, with all the pricing updated on GYMPP. Lion Gym, Ghaziabad have a total of 3 plans for membership, with wide selections on Daily classes, Weekly plans, Monthly membership charges, yearly membership plans. Membership feel and rates are updated duly along with the services which would be offered with them. Discounts and Coupons for Lion Gym, Ghaziabad are available on GYMPP. These discounts and coupons reduces rates of a membership plan without hampering with your experience. The Discounted Coupons are updated and managed by Lion Gym, Ghaziabad and their management on GYMPP.

The plan which would be least costly on you budget comes with a price of 400 INR. The highest plan classifies 1800 INR. Lion Gym, Ghaziabad is a premier place to find fitness since 2001. The details in this tab were last updated on 18th of May 2016. GYMPP recommend 1 plan out of 3 plans listed over the platform. Membership fees, registration fees and other fees may or may not be the part of Plan listed on GYMPP. The membership fees showcased over GYMPP, may or may not be refundable. Lion Gym, Ghaziabad is solely accountable for plan fees not being supported.

Instant notifications are available with Lion Gym, Ghaziabad . This Keeps close loop of communication with people, places and professionals. Membership Plans which includes personal trainers are also updated on the Lion Gym, Ghaziabad page on GYMPP. Follow Lion Gym, Ghaziabad to get the latest update from them.

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